2017 Masters Tickets Pricing: Unveiling the Cost of Attending the Prestigious Golf Tournament

How Much Are Masters Tickets 2017

The Masters Tournament, one of the most prestigious events in golf, is set to take place in 2017 at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Known for its rich history and tradition, the Masters attracts top players from around the world competing for the coveted Green Jacket. Tickets to this exclusive event are highly sought after by fans and enthusiasts alike, offering a unique opportunity to witness golfing greatness up close on one of the most iconic courses in the sport.

General Ticket Prices for the 2017 Masters Golf Tournament

The general ticket prices for the 2017 Masters Golf Tournament vary depending on the type of ticket. For Practice Round tickets, prices range from $75 to $115 per ticket. Daily Tournament tickets are priced between $100 to $115 each, with prices varying based on the tournament round. Weekly Badges, which provide access to all tournament days, are priced at $325 each. These prices reflect the prestige and exclusivity of attending one of golf's most renowned events.

Pricing Variations based on Ticket Types (Practice Rounds, Daily Tournament Tickets, Weekly Badges)

Pricing for Masters tickets varies based on the type of ticket you are looking to purchase. Practice round tickets are typically the most affordable, with prices ranging from $75 to $115 per ticket. Daily tournament tickets are more expensive, costing around $100 to $150 per day depending on the day of the week and round of the tournament. Weekly badges, providing access to all four tournament rounds, are the most costly, priced at approximately $325 to $1,500. The pricing differences reflect the varying levels of access and experiences offered by each ticket type at the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament.

Factors Influencing Ticket Costs (Day of the Week, Tournament Round, Location on Course)

Several factors influence the cost of Masters tickets for the 2017 tournament. Firstly, the day of the week can impact prices, with tickets for Thursday and Friday typically being more affordable compared to the weekend rounds. Secondly, the specific tournament round also plays a role in pricing, with Sunday's final round usually being the most expensive. Additionally, the location on the course can affect ticket costs, with prime viewing spots like Amen Corner commanding higher prices than general admission tickets.

Availability of Tickets and Ticket Purchase Process

Availability of Tickets for the 2017 Masters Golf Tournament is limited and highly sought after. The tournament operates on an invitation-only basis, with a small number of tickets released to the general public through an annual lottery system. To secure tickets, interested individuals must register online through the official Masters website during the specified registration period. Successful applicants are randomly selected and notified via email. Additionally, a limited number of tickets are also available for purchase through authorized resale sites, but prices may be significantly higher than face value due to high demand.

Comparison of 2017 Masters Tickets Prices with Previous Years

In comparing the 2017 Masters Tickets prices with previous years, it is evident that there has been a consistent increase in ticket costs over time. The average price for a daily tournament ticket in 2017 was around $115, which is higher than the prices in previous years. Similarly, weekly badges for the 2017 tournament were priced at approximately $325, showing a slight increase from past years. This upward trend reflects the growing popularity and prestige of attending the Masters Golf Tournament.

In conclusion, the affordability and value of Masters Tickets in 2017 can vary depending on individual preferences and budget. While prices have increased over the years, attending the prestigious tournament remains a sought-after experience for golf enthusiasts worldwide. The opportunity to witness top players compete on one of the most iconic courses in golf makes the cost of tickets worthwhile for many fans. Overall, the unique atmosphere and tradition of the Masters make it a highly valued event in the world of sports.